In 2015 my aunt gave me a drawing I had made for her when I was around twelve years old. As soon as I saw it I remembered the Thanksgiving Day I sat at the dining room table sketching the center piece. Discovering that taped together, felt tip, 7th grade still life drawing has since inspired a new direction in my painting.

In high school I feel we tend to lose the wonder of art and strive to make images often too realistic and painfully self conscious. I'm excited about a weird state I call "Middle School" where elementary school innocence overlaps with adolescence & art retains a colorful playfulness, albeit and hopefully, awkward.

From 2006 through 2013 I worked for the University of Georgia Cortona program in Italy.  I made pots, painted and drew incessantly. Living there afforded me the opportunity to get more of a feel for the depth of Italy. I began to see through the sunflowers and dazzling light to the weight, mass and grey roots of a place gorgeously rusted and roughly polished by time. This interested me more, and my palette shifted back and forth from color to black and white.  It didn’t occur to me to photograph my  Italian experience. 8B graphite seemed a more appropriate way to capture it.